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Shri Guru Angad Dev is an effort towards promoting natural and holistic system of Ayurvedic medicines and making it available to the people in an aunthentic way. Our motive is to provide long lasting and holistic results through Ayurvedic techniques of healthy living and by providing world class treatment for all types of diseases under one roof which scientific wisdom. Ours is a well equipped center with highly qualified, skilled Doctors and well trained staff to provide the  best treatment possible.

Shri Guru Angad Dev Ayurvedic Panchkarma Center is fusion of traditional knowledge along with scientific and technological advancement in Ayurveda. We provide you a very safe treatment without any complications and assured results for all type of diseases with state of the art facilities. We are not only offering you treatment of the diseases but we are here to also show you a path of healthy living by revealing the secrets of Ayurveda.